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Dental Crowns

A Crown is an artificial restoration of a tooth to restore its function and give back its shape, contour and natural appearance.

Severe tooth wear, Crowns and Whitening
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Why do I need a Crown?

Restoring a tooth is your decision. Examples of why you may need a Crown:
  • The tooth may be weakened by a very large filling.
  • You may have a root filling. This can make the tooth more brittle and a Crown can offer further protection and stability.
  • You may have had an accident and damaged the tooth.
  • You may wish to improve the appearance of a heavily restored tooth.

What are Crowns made from?

Crowns can be made from plastic, ceramic or metal alloys. A combination of metal and ceramic can maximise strength and simulate the appearance of natural teeth.

How are Crowns made?

Your dentist will prepare the tooth to an ideal shape for a Crown, usually under local anaesthetic. Once the tooth has been prepared, impressions are taken along with a shade to enable a good colour match. This information is then sent to a highly skilled dental technician, who makes your bespoke Crown. It takes two weeks for the Crown to come back to us ready for fitting.

Once the fit and appearance has been checked, the Crown is cemented in place.


The life of a Crown depends on how well it is looked after. The Crown itself cannot decay but decay can start from where the edge of the Crown joins the tooth.

You must practice good oral hygiene and maintain regular visits to the dentist/hygienist. It is very important to floss between the Crown and neighbouring teeth to ensure food debris and plaque are not left to endanger the longevity of your Crown.

We have a range of dental products to help your oral hygiene programme and can advise you how to use them effectively.

Tooth reconstruction with Crowns for severe wear
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