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Tooth Whitening

Tray Tooth Whitening

If you are not entirely happy with the colour of your teeth or want to remove the build-up of everyday stains from drinking tea, coffee, red wine or from smoking. Tooth whitening is a straightforward and effective treatment.

In some cases, just a single tooth can become discoloured through trauma and damage, which can draw peoples' attention and cause self-consciousness. Treating these teeth individually through internal bleaching can effectively restore their natural colour to match the rest of the mouth, so they no longer stood out.

Internal Bleaching

Tray tooth whitening and an intensive course of treatment from the Hygienist gave this lady a brighter, healthier smile.

Tooth Whitening and extensive treatment of gum disease

Concerned over his discoloured and chipped front teeth, we quickly dealt with this gentleman's anxiety. With tray whitening to remove the build-up of stains and the use of white filling material (Composite) to restore the worn biting surfaces, we easily gave him back a more even smile.

Tooth Whitening, Filling and Reshaping
Tooth Whitening and Reshaping, Crown and Fillings replacement

This gentleman didn't like the appearance of some old crowns that were no longer fitting well. As part of the natural ageing process our gums recede and this can be accelerated in some cases by poor oral health. The crowns were replaced as were some old fillings in the bottom row. The discoloured front tooth couldn't be internally bleached so was crowned. To finish this mouth makeover, the bottom set of teeth were built up where they had worn down over time and tray whitening restored the overall colour.

Dental Implants

Having lost his front tooth traumatically, this gentleman had an implant placed in his upper jaw and a crown placed on top of this. The crown is colour matched to his remaining teeth, restoring his natural appearance.

Single Dental Implant retained Crown
Single Dental Implant and Zirconium Crown

An implant can be placed many years after the loss of a tooth. When children traumatically lose permanent teeth it is important to wait until they have finished growing and their jaw is fully formed before fitting an implant. Without a tooth to transmit the forces of chewing on to the jaw and stimulate bone density, there is likely to be a lot of bone loss in the gap over time. This can be easily remedied by bone grafting placed at the same time as the implant. The effective end result can be clearly seen here.

Dental Implant and anterior Filling replacement

Undoubtedly some past trauma was causing this central tooth to die. There was evidence on X-ray of the root resorbing, so it needed to be removed. After discussing the options to solve the resulting gap, this lady chose to have an implant. Replacing an old filling on the adjacent front tooth completed the picture, restoring her confidence in her biting ability and appearance.

It's not always the case that an implant is needed for every missing tooth. Due to their inherent stability and secure integration into the jaw bone, one implant can support two crowns and fill a larger space, as in this instance.

Single Dental Implant restoring a two tooth space

Following an assault, this young man opted for an Implant retained Zirconium Crown to replace his missing central incisor tooth. We were able to save his other central incisor tooth with Root Canal Treatment, a fibre post and a further Zirconium Crown.

Full mouth reconstruction using Dental Implants

This lady really didn't like the thought of wearing dentures. She had to have almost all of her teeth removed. It was only possible to save two of her lower teeth to provide retention for a central six tooth Bridge.

Four Implants supported further bridgework to complete the restoration of the lower jaw.

We were unable to save any of the teeth in the upper jaw so placed six Implants which were used to support further extensive bridgework.

For her, the biggest advantage of this treatment option was not having her palate covered with a denture plate, preserving her ability to speak clearly and taste the food she ate.

Replacement of a failed three tooth Bridge with a Zirconium Crown and two Dental Implant retained Zirconium Crowns

Had current Implantology techniques been available to this patient at the time she lost the right central incisor tooth, it would not have been necessary to interfere with and risk the sound teeth either side of the space, through the fitting of a Bridge. Over time the Bridge failed as the right lateral tooth broke down. Now, two implants replace the missing teeth and a new crown has been placed on the left central incisor which, now that it does not have to support a Bridge, has a much better chance of survival.

This lady had a removable denture for some time but was looking for a more permanent and fixed solution that didn't involve cutting down the perfectly sound teeth either side of the space, as would be the case with fitting a standard Bridge. The placement of one implant supporting two teeth proved an ideal solution for her.

One Dental Implant and a two tooth Bridge

Trauma to this central tooth meant it had to be removed. Placing an implant 6-8 weeks later allowed time for the surrounding tissue to heal whilst preserving the density of the jaw bone beneath and preventing the risk of neighbouring teeth drifting into the space over time.

Single Dental Implant retained Crown

Having lost a front tooth, this lady had a denture to fill the gap, which she didn't like the feel of in her mouth. Now a single implant fills the space and the old ill-fitting crown on the other central tooth has been replaced to give her a matching pair of front teeth.

Single Dental Implant retained Crown
Single implant retained Crown to fill a space

After losing a tooth, this lady was given a bridge to fill the gap. (A bridge is made up of two crowns, one on each tooth either side of the gap, with a false tooth in between). Unfortunately the bridge had come off so many times, she had lost confidence in it and the tooth supporting the posterior part of the bridge, which was already heavily restored, was failing under pressure. A better long term solution for her was a single implant with 2 teeth attached. Finishing off with some internal bleaching of the right lateral incisor, gave her back her confidence to smile.

Because this tooth was dying, it was discolouring and being in a prominent position made this gentleman feel self-conscious. The tooth needed to be taken out and was replaced easily and quickly with a single implant, restored with a very natural looking and secure crown.

An implant retained Crown to replace a dead tooth.
One Dental Implant replacing two teeth.

This lady was referred to us by her own Dentist. She had already lost some teeth and another was failing, leaving quite a gap. She dreaded the thought of a denture but if a solution wasn't found, there was a risk her remaining teeth would drift into the space, compromising their stability and making chewing difficult. In fact one implant, supporting two linked crowns in the form of a cantilever bridge, effectively filled the space, provided good support to her jaw and other teeth, making eating a pleasure again.

Two Dental Implants replacing failed Bridge work

This gentleman had congenitally missing lateral teeth and for appearance the gaps each side had been filled with a Bridge, consisting of an artificial tooth with a wing fitted to bond it to the next door tooth, an effective cosmetic solution. However as this man was young it relied on the bond holding for a considerable time. After the bridges falling off numerous times, he was very pleased with a far more secure, long term solution of a single implant on each side supporting a solid, functional crown.

Bridges and Crowns

Replacement of old failing bridgework

This mature gentleman had extensive Bridgework in his upper jaw, due to the progressive loss of teeth, over many years. With the remaining supporting teeth also failing, a gap was forming between his two front teeth, which he considered unsightly. He was much happier with the appearance and fit of two new Bridges, on the left side spanning the 1st to 5th tooth and the right side between the 1st and 4th tooth.

Tooth Whitening and replacement Fillings and Crowns

Over the years our teeth are subjected to the stresses and strains of everyday life just like the rest of our bodies. Even with a good oral hygiene routine, fillings can discolour and chip, teeth can wear, gums recede, making crown margins more obvious. This gentleman wanted to tidy up his smile. 7 darkened fillings were replaced. The rough, worn edges of 5 teeth were smoothed over and 5 old crowns remade. All done to match the shade of his recently, whitened teeth.

Tooth wear can occur due to excessive tooth to tooth contact, maybe caused by habits such as grinding or clenching or developmental defects or a hard, rough-textured diet or a very acidic environment in the mouth. Our adult teeth don't continue to grow unlike many animals. As this lady was unhappy with the way her teeth had worn and the resulting gaps, she was fitted with 4 new crowns and the staining caused by smoking was removed with tooth whitening.

Severe tooth wear, Crowns and Whitening

This lady has been a long term patient of ours and over time had needed multiple fillings in her front teeth and some teeth had required crowns. Although these restorations remained sound and functional, the passage of time had led to unsightly staining and gum resorption. Replacing old with new was a simple and effective solution, freshening up her smile.

Fillings and six Crowns replaced

When gums recede, crowns can begin to fail and decay can creep in at the margins. Here the lower teeth have over-erupted because of the way they were poorly meeting the old crowns. This will affect someone's ability to bite and chew. Replacing old fillings, crowns and reshaping the bottom teeth allowed this lady to return to eating exactly what she liked.

Six Crowns, Tooth Whitening and extensive treatment of gum disease

Gum disease results in the shrinking back of gums, exposing the edges of crowns. Here the gum disease was stabilised through intensive oral health care, with visits to the Hygienist and a home regime for the patient. Once this was achieved, we could replace the crowns and finally tooth whitening achieved an even colour match, completing the transformation.

A Bridge, Tooth Whitening, Composite Fillings, 10 Crowns and an Implant retained Crown.

This gentleman wasn't confident with his smile. He didn't like to show his teeth which were chipped and worn and he'd also lost a couple of teeth. At the back, his chewing ability was restored with crowns to fill the gaps. In the top jaw a bridge was the most suitable solution as the teeth either side were already crowned and so further cutting down of sound teeth in preparation of supporting a bridge wasn't necessary. In the lower jaw an Implant retained crown filled the gap, so here too, no need to interfere with sound teeth either side. Crowns at the front gave him back an even, symmetrical smile.

Some people understandably don't like the idea of having a denture. This lady had previous restorations on her front teeth, which needed attention and concerned her as they were visible when she smiled. The best solution to avoid a denture was further restorations using a bridge and several crowns.

Crowns and Bridges to replace a Denture.
Tooth reconstruction with Crowns for severe wear.

Wear can occur for several reasons, most commonly due to tooth grinding. Excessive grinding can cause teeth to fracture and gums to become sore. Loss of height of your teeth will affect your appearance and ability to eat. To restore this gentleman's appearance, self-confidence and protect from further damage, his bite was restored with crowns and he underwent crown-lengthening surgical treatment to his gums.

Tooth Whitening, Crown and Bridge work and replacement Fillings.

As you can see here, a complete transformation in someone's appearance can easily be achieved. Over the years our teeth withstand a great deal of stress and micro-trauma and this mouth had had its fair share of treatment but with time, fillings may chip and wear, additional teeth are lost, gums recede. By refreshing old fillings, replacing old crowns and restoring gaps it can simply make such a difference.

This lady was keen to find out what could be done for her as she wasn't happy with her front teeth when she smiled. We recommended replacing her crowns but firstly to have whitening to restore the colour of her own teeth, removing any stains from being a smoker. The new crowns could then be colour-matched perfectly to her natural tooth colour.

Gum re-contouring and 4 replacement Crowns

Falling off her bicycle and hitting her face had caused this lady to break her already crowned front teeth. The left central tooth fractured below the gum line so needed to be extracted. As previously crowned, the adjacent teeth were already prepared so the ideal solution was a bridge to fill in the resulting gap. The remaining undamaged, crowned tooth on the right side was replaced for a better aesthetic outcome with modern metal free materials to match.

Crown replacements with metal free alternatives

After losing some teeth, this lady didn't like having a gap.

She had tried partial dentures but hadn't felt them very secure and didn't like the gap between the denture and her own teeth.

She was pleased with the security the bridge we made for her offered and regular visits with the Hygienist helped her clean effectively around this fixed restoration.

Crown and Bridge work
Replacement Crowns

Concerned about the colour of her teeth, this lady enquired about tooth whitening. She had a number of crowns and fillings and whitening on its own would only affect her natural teeth, making any restored teeth stand out considerably.

A far better result was achieved by refreshing old work as well as whitening, giving her a brighter, even smile.

Smile Makeovers

Correction of an unusual bite

Appearance matters.

Being unhappy with the way we look can have a huge impact on our lives. Unfortunately this lady had fallen foul of someone not taking sufficient time to assess the detail of her bite when making her a denture, leaving her with a very uneven smile and crooked bite, where you couldn't see some of her top teeth at all. Just spending time taking an accurate impression of her mouth and individual needs made such a difference, you can see it in her smile.

Full mouth rehabilitation

Your overall health can have a huge impact on your oral health. This long-standing patient had struggled with poor health and emotional upset for some time, leaving him with poor dentition, worn and constantly breaking teeth, which required patching up at each visit. At a more settled point in his life, it was time for a complete over haul and what a transformation.

And having a much healthier mouth undoubtedly improves your general health.

Severe enamel erosion

Restored with six premium 3M ESPE lava Crowns.

This young lady was moving away from home for the first time and looking for a job. She was feeling self -conscious about the appearance of her teeth. Tooth enamel can become worn because of abrasion or a highly acidic environment in the mouth. It can't repair itself, so to improve her confidence we restored the damaged teeth with six crowns.

Worn, chipped teeth prompted this lady to want to improve the appearance of her smile.

We restored some of her front teeth with crowns and replaced some older crowns, giving an overall more even effect.

Severe wear of anterior teeth

Concerned about the unevenness of her teeth, this lady had discounted the option of orthodontics based on cost. Instead she opted for our treatment plan of adjusting the shape and size of her teeth. Some were levelled off, while others were built up with composite material.

An even bite is important for biting and chewing food and not putting undue stress on areas of the mouth.

Chipped front teeth can easily be built up with composite (tooth coloured) filling material.

A little bit of tidying up the shape can make a big impact on your self -confidence.

Reshaping and rebuilding teeth

With a wedding coming up and disliking what she called her 'gummy' smile, this young lady underwent crown lengthening gum surgery, had some new crowns fitted and her teeth whitened.

All finished in good time for her big day.

Full mouth makeover

This lady hated the appearance of her teeth that had been heavily restored over time with amalgam and composite fillings, giving them a dark, discoloured look.

Her extensive treatment plan included crowns and bridges, replacement fillings and tooth reshaping, but what a rewarding transformation.

Following an enquiry about possible crowns to tidy up the appearance of her teeth, this lady was extremely pleased with the result after reshaping and repairing the teeth with composite filling material.

Finally whitening completed the overall picture.

Tooth Whitening, rebuilding and Reshaping

These front teeth were heavily restored with old fillings and the enamel surface was eroded but even at 82 years old appearance matters.

The fillings were replaced and the teeth were resurfaced with new composite material.

Tooth rebuilding with Composite material

The colour of this dying front tooth couldn't be improved by internal bleaching because the root canals had closed over.

The colour and appearance was restored by placing a thin porcelain veneer on the surface.

Veneer on front tooth
A Denture, Composite Fillings, tooth Reshaping and extensive treatment of gum disease

This gentleman's main concern was replacing his missing teeth and getting rid of the gaps. The solution involved partial dentures and some additional care and advice from the Hygienist about cleaning around the dentures.

Tooth Reshaping and closure of gaps, Composite Fillings and Tooth Whitening

With her daughter's wedding coming up, this 'Mother of the Bride' wanted her teeth sorted and looking nice for the big day. She felt they were uneven and stuck out. The central teeth were reshaped and the gap successfully closed with composite material, giving this lady an extra big smile for the wedding photos.

There's nothing like a wedding in the family to make someone take stock of how happy and confident they feel about their smile.

Here again some fairly straight-forward cosmetic treatment techniques can have a huge effect.

Tooth Reshaping and closure of gaps using Composite material

These veneers were placed about 15 years ago and over time there had been some changes to this lady's gums, leaving an unsightly defined margin at the gum line.

The veneers were replaced and further gum surgery to lengthen the tooth crowns, improved the alignment and evenness of her smile.

Replacement Veneers and Tooth Whitening

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