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Dental Bridges

What is a Bridge?

A Bridge is a fixed replacement for one or possibly a few missing teeth. There are different types of Bridges and your Dentist will give you the options and help you decide the most effective and conservative Bridge for your personal situation.

A Bridge involves using the existing teeth either side of your gap to "bridge" across using an artificial tooth to fill in the space.

Crowns and bridges to replace a denture
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Can I always have a Bridge to replace missing teeth?

This really depends on the number of missing teeth and where they are in the mouth, the condition of the other remaining teeth also affects the decision. Your Dentist will help you decide the best way of replacing your missing teeth. Having a Bridge does mean involving other teeth so it's worth considering all your options.

Who makes the Bridge?

Your Dentist will do the preparation work for your Bridge. Impressions will be taken along with a shade (colour match). This information will be given to a Dental Technician who specialises in Crown and Bridge work. They will use the impressions of your mouth to make models and ensure the Bridge fits perfectly. It takes two weeks for the Bridge to come back to us ready for fitting. Once the fit and appearance has been checked, the Bridge will then be firmly cemented in place. It is advised that you avoid the area for at least two hours, for the cement to set chemically.

It is quite common for you to experience some sensitivity for up to two weeks after and your bite may also feel strange. If your Bridge feels high/proud when you bite together, contact the surgery as minor adjustments may be required.

Aftercare for my Bridge?

Good oral hygiene must be maintained and regular visits to your Dentist/Hygienist are important as your existing teeth serve as the foundation for your Bridge.

You need to clean your Bridge every day to prevent any problems occurring. You also need to clean under the artificial tooth every day. Your Dentist/Hygienist will show you how to use special floss (Superfloss), as an ordinary toothbrush cannot reach.

Bridges that are cared for properly can last for many years.

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