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Amalgam Fillings are the traditional silver-coloured filling material we are all familiar with. Although there is mercury is dental amalgam, once it is combined with other materials within the filling its chemical nature is changed rendering it harmless.

An advantage to the use of mercury is that it has properties of a chemical agent that stops bacteria from reproducing.

Amalgam Fillings are still widely used and are considered one of the most durable and long lasting form of filling material available that can withstand the forces of chewing, with the exception of gold or porcelain which are unfortunately more expensive.

Amalgam Fillings are more tolerant to a wide range of clinical placement conditions such as the presence of moisture, whereas other filling materials are not and require placement with extreme moisture control.

A disadvantage to the use of amalgam, it doesn't match the colour of your teeth, which is why placement of amalgam is always avoided where possible in visible areas such as front teeth.

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