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A Denture is a removable appliance that is worn to replace lost or missing teeth. Commonly referred to as "false teeth", a denture is usually made of acrylic or acrylic and metal. A Denture will provide support for your lips, cheeks and any remaining teeth, without this support your facial muscles can sag making you look older and reducing your ability to eat and speak.

A complete or Full Denture is one that replaces all natural teeth; a partial Denture fills in the spaces of missing teeth.

Dentures are made over a series of appointments with the use of a Dental Technician, it can take up to four or five weeks for your Denture to be completed, within this time you will be given an opportunity to make sure you are happy with the look and shade/colour of your new Denture.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures are fitted immediately after teeth have been removed, often over just two appointments. An advantage of immediate Dentures means you do not have to be without teeth. However bone and gums shrink over time, especially in the first six months of losing a tooth, so immediate Dentures may need to be replaced or relined to aid fitting.

What to expect

Dentures always feel strange when first fitted, it is not unusual to experience some irritation or soreness until you become accustomed to them. We expect to see you for minor adjustments until any problems diminish, it is always best to wear your new Dentures 24 hours before an appointment so your Dentist can see any problem areas.

Eating with your new Dentures will take a little practice, start with soft foods and cut food up in to small pieces until you become used to your new denture.

New Dentures may also alter your speech slightly, pronouncing certain words may require some practice in the initial period, this problem rarely persists beyond two weeks.

Care of your Dentures

Like natural teeth Dentures should be cleaned daily to remove any plaque or debris, if possible after every meal to clear any food particles off the fitting surface. Use mild detergent to clean your Dentures. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that can roughen the polished surface. Do not use bleach as this may whiten the pink acrylic. Avoid very hot water as this may distort the Denture.

Denture wearers still need regular visits to the Dentist to maintain good oral health; dentures should always be removed at night to allow your gum tissues to rest. If you take your Denture out for any length of time, keep them moist, i.e. in water, Dentures can lose their shape if left to dry out.

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