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St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

I don't know what to say past thank you so very much. I couldn't believe what you had done when I got home and looked in the mirror. I would not have thought it possible. You have built a whole new tooth for me.

I am, like so many others so extremely grateful to you for the 'miracles' you perform and know how fortunate I am to be under your care. You are a legend.

Sincere and utmost appreciation.

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

I thought that I would drop you a line to tell you how pleased I am with the treatment I had, which is now completed; being a dentist's 'coward', which is why my teeth were missing, through lack of regular attention.

On your recommendation to have five implants, whilst not an enjoyable experience, was nowhere as bad as I expected and I am very pleased with the results.

Wishing you and your staff all the best for the future and may you have many patients as pleased as I am.

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

I would like to say a massive thank you to Nick and his team, having recently had an Implant fitted earlier this year I cannot praise Nick Tomes enough. He is very gentle and explained everything to me before the treatment began. I felt really confident and safe during something which to me was a scary procedure!

However, I have to say it was very straight forward and I would recommend anyone considering Dental Implants to see Nick.

He even phoned me the following day which was a Saturday to check that I was ok.

Massive thanks again.

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

Almost three years ago, after the removal of a rear upper tooth, being a senior citizen and totally of my own volition, I decided to have it replaced by an Implant instead of having a bridge. Mr Tomes carried out the procedure with great care and precision and the follow up care and attention on normal dental check-ups has always been equally attentive.

I have always been highly delighted and self-satisfied with my decision to have this done because of the confidence it has given me and I would not hesitate to repeat my decision if the occasion should ever arise.

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

I consider myself fortunate to have such excellent care as do members of my family. Thank you Mr Tomes.

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

I had become increasingly self-conscious of my front Crowns that I had fitted many years ago. I decided after much deliberation to have new ones refitted. I am so glad that I chose St Paul's Dental Practice.

Mr Tomes' good humour and professionalism put me at ease and gave me the smile I always wanted, I would not hesitate in recommending Mr Tomes and his excellent team to anybody considering cosmetic or routine Dentistry, Thanks again

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

I thought I should drop you a line to say how pleased I am with my new teeth!

The process was a lot less painful than I thought it might be and as you know I did not need painkillers the day after the Implant surgery itself. You always explained very clearly the procedure involved and I appreciated your running commentary on what you were doing even if I couldn't always reply! I felt your Dental Nurses were all very supportive too.

Finally the whole process took several months less and was at least 30% cheaper than I was quoted elsewhere. So that's another plus for you and St Paul's Dental Practice.

Best wishes

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

Hi Nick,

Did you know 1,350 years ago the 'Maya civilization' used the earliest known Implants made of shell which were placed into the sockets of the missing teeth.

Very pretty but I think I prefer yours!

When I first came to see you last year I was quite desperate, I had lots of missing teeth top and bottom on the right hand side and a fear of Dentists due to an awful experience some years previously

We talked extensively about Implants, the benefits and procedures, I also did research myself. Taking everything into consideration, especially the fact I could not eat on my right hand side, I decided to go ahead. I cannot pretent that the procedure was a joyful experience, but I continually kept in mind the end results.

I did have a few worries along the way, it was after all quite a complex set of steps to achieve the desired outcome, four Implants and Bridges, but my concerns turned out to be unfounded.

I felt supported by you and your staff 24/7, whenever I phoned for advice or reassurance my worries would be put at rest or I would be invited to come straight in, and you would always see me. I can not tell you how much that meant.

The procedure was done in stages and took about four months to complete. As I sit here today I can truthfully say it was the right decision to have the Implants. For the first time in years I now clean a full set of teeth!

Eating is a joy, being able to chew on both sides has taken the pressure off the left side and the ache that I had there has disappeared. I can eat foods with a 'crunch' such as crusty baguettes without cutting my gums to pieces, and the food tastes so much better!

I can confidently smile without the worry of showing ugly gaps. It is a novelty and joy to see my Implants each day, I love them

Thanks Nick for your astounding work and continual support

In a recent survey these are some of the comments our patients made:
St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

Efficient, friendly people, a lovely dental practice

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

I have been attending for many years and it is constantly improving

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

Just the usual excellent treatment by all the staff

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

This is a good dental practice! Clean, efficient and clearly working for the benefit of the patient

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

Brilliant practice, service and staff. Absolutely faultless in all aspects

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

The usual courtesy & friendliness, a consistently excellent service

St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd £ Devon 01626 365896 St. Pauls Dental Practice Ltd

Every visit is good & all the staff are very welcoming, I have always received the highest standard of service

Laura Radford Reviewed by

I have been fearful of Dentists since a child, as it was always painful and I have been to many. Yours is the best by some way

Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by

My children never mind visiting the Dentist because everyone is so nice and everything possible is done to make them feel comfortable

Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by P.M

I have recently completed a course of cosmetic treatment with Nick Tomes for which I want to say a big thank you. After a consultation with another Dentist I didn't feel happy so I decided to have a consultation with Nick who came highly recommended. I was so impressed with his forward thinking and treatment plan I decided to go ahead. This proved to be an excellent decision. The attentive professionalism and patience shown was brilliant.

I am so pleased with the result I can't stop smiling! Also thanks must go to Rebecca and the rest of the friendly, happy team.

- P.M
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by J.C

After having a horrendous experience with Implants from a previous Dentist I was recommended to Nick Tomes at St Paul's Dental Practice by a Dental Technician.

After a consultation with Nick he assured me he could help put right the wrongs and boy was he right. I now have four Implants and didn't find the experience at all daunting. It was really quite painless although a bit sore and Nick and his brilliant nurses were considerate and reassuring throughout explaining everything as he went along. He even said I could call him anytime if needed.

Thanks Nick and all at St Paul's you have changed my life xx.

- J.C
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by JH

As soon as I got home, with the aid of my magnifying aids I had a look at my teeth. What a transformation!
Thank you…..

I can't believe the state I get in so I really do appreciate your kindness and understanding; also your Dental Nurse, the ladies at reception are all so kind and helpful so please convey my thanks to them

- JH
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by MW

Just a quick email to say how very, very happy I am with my Teeth Whitening treatment. As I had given up smoking, the treatment was a gift to myself to help me stay on track with quitting.

I chose to only have my top teeth whitened so I could see the difference and was so impressed with the result that I am now having my bottom teeth treated.

Now my teeth look so white and clean it has helped with my resolve to never smoke again, why would I risk staining my teeth when they look so good!!!! Thanks again

- MW
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by HA

I have had an Implant for 6 years. In 2003 I had to have a front tooth extracted.

After discussing my options with Mr. Tomes we decided on an Implant.

I wanted a permanent solution to the problem.

When Mr. Tomes extracted the tooth, he fitted a temporary denture. I then had to wait 6 weeks for the bone and gum to heal.

Having the surgery for the Implant at the time seemed a bit daunting. Mr. Tomes and his expert team were impeccable. As it happens having the tooth out was more painful than the Implant surgery.

When Mr. Tomes fitted the final Crown, I can only describe it as "magic".

Now I am completely unaware that I have an Implant, it is just as good as my own teeth, perhaps arguably better!!! It may well out last my own teeth.

This technique is revolutionary for patients and Dentistry. It is the technology of the future and I highly recommend the procedure.

Faced with the same decision again I would choose an Implant every time, I am an Implant convert and I would recommend Mr. Tomes and the staff at the St. Paul's Dental Practice every time.

- HA
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by S.M

In March 2006, I had my first Dental Implant. Beforehand Mr. Tomes had thoroughly and clearly explained the procedure.

I was impressed with Mr. Tomes' skill and technique and delighted with the added comfort felt and benefits gained. Six months later, I underwent a second Implant and I am equally pleased with the result.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Tomes' expertise and this procedure which looks and feels so natural

- S.M
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by MN

I've had my Implant on one of my front teeth for 6 years and I have to say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The difference between having a plate for the rest of my life or the Implant was quite an easy choice to make as I was lucky enough to be able to afford it.

The worst part of the procedure I remember was having the injections to numb the gum before Nick started but he was gentle and told me exactly what he was doing as he went along.

- MN
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by L.K

I have had my Implants for nearly five years and I have not had a single regret at having this procedure.

The denture clips easily into place. I can eat, talk and yawn without any fear of the embarrassment of the denture moving.

Caring for the denture and Implant is easy. The denture is easily removed for cleaning purposes. The Implants, I gently brush, rinse and replace the denture.

I would definitely recommend this procedure for the peace of mind it gives one.

- L.K
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by A & L. P

We were pleased to learn that you are constructing a website, which further complements your excellent services.

We have been very pleased with the treatment and care received at your Newton Abbot practice. You have always been very attentive and professional with your dental treatment and keep up the good work.

- A & L. P
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by A.C

Excellent. If Carlsberg did Dentistry they would probably be the St. Paul's Dental Practice!

- A.C
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by S.M

After my recent visit I would like to say a big thank you to Lyn the Hygienist for making me feel so good after a thorough clean, which she also seems to enjoy. To Nick for making me feel so relaxed, a pleasant waiting room and friendly staff. Gone are the fears I used to have. Thank you once again.

- S.M
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by S.D

Whilst on holiday I lost a front tooth. I made an appointment to see Nicholas Tomes. At St. Paul's Dental Practice he suggested dentures which he knew I was not keen on. However after four appointments I am now wearing dentures.

What an excellent job he has made, they fit in so well with my remaining natural teeth.Thank you so much for your help and advice.

- S.D
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by B.W

I have always struggled with Dentists and they have always put the fear of God into me. An extremely painful tooth meant purely by chance that I ended up going to St. Paul's Dental Practice and they have changed the way I see Dentists!

A calm, professional and honest approach meant that I always knew what to expect and my comfort and concerns were always prioritised. I was greatly impressed by the modern and patient focused way they go about Dentistry.

My teeth look and feel fantastic and Nick's chairside manner made the experience virtually painless and on occasions entertaining!

I am now able to view a visit to the Dentist without fear and have a much healthier approach to my oral health.

- B.W
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by L.O.

Anyone considering Dental Implants? I would say go for it; don't hold back as it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having my two front teeth badly damaged at the age of thirteen, it was the start of a long journey of dental treatments/destruction spanning 26 years.At first the treatment consisted of Crowns which eventually failed due to damage the original injury caused to the roots, this lead to the complete loss of the tooth and resulted in two perfectly good teeth being filed down to construct a bridge to support the missing tooth.

Yet again the treatment didn't stop there; the new bridge put too much stress on the adjoining teeth. The bridge failed and the only option available was to increase the expanse of the bridge causing further perfectly good teeth being ruined, or my worse nightmare a denture. To stop the domino effect I opted for the denture, which immediately affected my confidence.

After many years I never adjusted to wearing the denture and looked for an alternative.Implants were the only option left. After research and consultations with Nick I decided to go ahead with the treatment. Due to the time spent wearing the denture the jaw bone had receded to such an extent a bone graft was necessary, which in my opinion was the most traumatic part of the procedure, which could have been avoided had an Implant been offered when the original tooth was removed, avoiding the costs and unsuccessful previous treatments.

Should you take the Implant option you can be assured you are in very capable hands, Nick took the time to clearly explain every procedure and made me feel as relaxed as possible. Nick was available at any time should I need reassurance. He showed lots of patience and understanding and even opened the surgery out of hours on two occasions just to put my mind at rest. My confidence has been restored; I love my new teeth and would highly recommend it, money well spent.

- L.O.
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by LCS

I have been a patient of Nick's since he took possession of the surgery in St Paul's Road many years ago, so had every confidence in him and his practice to provide me with an Implant - my most major procedure to date! His assurances allayed any concerns I had prior to surgery, which was subsequently undertaken with the greatest professional care and to my complete satisfaction. In fact, as such a mark of success it looks and feels natural and has given me back that confident smile - thank you.

Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by A.McA

In October 2011, Mr Tomes fitted an Implant for me and although this was completed very recently I am delighted with it.

The whole process, from consultation to completion was carried out in a full, friendly and thoroughly professional manner.

Mr Tomes himself was informative and caring throughout and was assisted by pleasant well-trained nurses. If it should ever prove necessary, I would have no hesitation in having another Implant carried out by Mr Tomes.

- A.McA
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by GH

I've been going to this dental practice for as long as I can remember, and I've always loved going. Last year I did a weeks' work experience with them and it gave me a great insight into the wonderful people working there. They were all so friendly, and I could see that they worked incredibly hard. The Dentist in particular. I observed them try to make the costs as manageable for their patients, and they were brilliant with following up on care for the patients they had treated previously. The nurses were also incredibly hard working and so friendly. The Hygienist also showed great patience with me and their patients, and taught me lots of things I'd never considered before.

Overall it's a place I would recommend to anyone I know, because they've always made me happy.

- GH
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by JC

After years of indifferent treatment with several Dentists in the Plymouth area I despaired of ever getting my teeth looking good. The final straw came when I paid a lot of money for a consultant's opinion. He rushed through the examination and quoted a very large bill for several treatments which he could barely spare his precious time to explain to me.

A year later, still searching for the perfect Dentist, I was fortunate to have Nick recommended to give Implant advice for an awkward shaped gap.

Nick was very reassuring and explained things patiently every step of the way, and I am so glad I went ahead. I had absolute confidence in him, there was minimal pain and the result was all I hoped for.

As well as being an excellent Dentist he has a lovely personality and should be a role model for all Dentists.

- JC
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by DG

Discussion and explanation of the Implant procedure is detailed and enables one to make a decision with understanding and without duress. Nick is calm, kind and easy to talk to – his confidence and competence make everything seem ordinary.

He obviously enjoys his work and takes great pride in the result. He is a perfectionist and his precision work is fantastic. The modern equipment, plus his deft and careful work makes for an operation with very little discomfort.

Great care is taken at all stages and the actual surgery is conducted in sterile conditions as in an operating theatre. After care is excellent. Nick is a good time keeper.

- DG
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by MM

I am very happy to recommend Mr. Nick Tomes for Dental Implant treatment.

In the summer of 2005 Mr. Tomes replaced one of my upper front teeth with a Dental Implant and I can honestly say that I have not had the slightest problem with it ever since.

Whilst at the time it was not a particularly pleasant experience, it was definitely very worthwhile and I have no regrets about having it done.

If necessary I would be prepared to repeat the treatment on another tooth.

- MM
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by W.W-F

The tooth Implant surgery I had five years ago has been truly life changing. No more worries about a tiresome Crown falling out, usually at the most inopportune moment.

Mr. Tomes recommended an Implant as being the only permanent solution to the problem and I am very glad I took his advice.

The Implanted tooth seems just like one of my natural teeth, in fact I never consciously think about having it in my mouth.

Thanks to the skill of Mr. Tomes and his colleagues I can now munch my way through the crunchiest of foods. Wonderful!!!

- W.W-F
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by V.W

In 2003 Nick Tomes gave me 2 Implants and a bridge for my bottom teeth.

I was quite nervous about the whole procedure beforehand, but found Mr. Tomes very reassuring and it all went smoothly.

I was delighted with the end result and continue to be after 6 years.

I cannot recommend Mr. Tomes or the procedure highly enough.

- V.W
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by L.J-M

Following consultations on an ongoing problem with a front Crown, I was advised by Dental Surgeon Mr. N.G.Tomes, that it would be in my best interest, long term, to remove the problem tooth/Crown and replace this with an Implant.

I am a nervous patient and as the infection had manifested into the bone, the procedure was not as simple or as straightforward as I had hoped. However Mr. Tomes was very informative and with gentle reassurance he talked me through all the stages of the procedure. The results are fantastic! The Implant is permanent, attractive and I remain infection and denture plate free!

- L.J-M
Rating: 4.5
Laura Radford Reviewed by M.P

Some years ago, I had to have 2 teeth removed, one from the upper jaw and one from the lower jaw. Nick spent quite some time with me explaining the various options that were available to me.

He introduced me to the concept of Implants. He gave me a wealth of details about what was involved, explaining the whole procedure carefully and answered all of my questions.

The whole operation was carried out in a fully professional manner. I have nothing but praise for Nick and the nursing staff that assisted him.

This was one of the best things I have had done and would without hesitation recommend Implants and in particular Nick Tomes.

- M.P
Rating: 4.5

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