Focus on Dental Hygiene

Our Hygienists.

There is a full time Hygiene service available at St. Paul’s Dental Practice. This is because we are totally on board when it comes to the vital role the Hygienist has in supporting you to take care of your teeth.

Regular visits to the Hygienist are key to maintaining your Oral Health and preventing disease. They are also the best placed professional, within the dental team, to treat gum disease through their specialised training.

When you visit the Practice, your Dentist and Hygienist will decide with you when your next appointment should be, according to your individual dental needs.

This decision is based on clinical reasoning and health grounds. It may even be that on clinical need only, your Dentist doesn’t feel they need to refer you because your oral health is very good.

Something to smile about.

But there are additional benefits to visiting the Hygienist, such as that great feeling of clean teeth, fresh breath and a bright sparkling smile after a scale and polish, when all those everyday stains are removed.

Our oral health is vital to our overall health but likewise the smile we wear is key to our wellbeing. The power of a confident smile should not be underestimated and can make all the difference, be it to secure a new job or a successful date.

Direct Access.

This is why we believe you should be able to make an appointment when you feel you want one. There may be an important event coming up in your life like a wedding or an interview and so we offer open access to our Hygienists.

If you haven’t seen the Hygienist here before, your initial appointment would be an extended time (40 mins), to allow for a full assessment of your needs and these self referred, ‘Direct Access’ appointments would incur a private fee but are great value and competitively priced. (See our website for prices).

For more information about Direct Access as well as other useful downloadable leaflets visit our website

(Picture courtesy of Alan Levine via Flickr)